Tadelakt mit Zubehör
Original Tadelakt-lime can only be found in one part of the world - the Marrakech plateau. The unique location of this natural Tadalakt-lime source, found in the valley between the peaks of the high and middle Atlas Mountains, may be the cause behind the material’s special characteristics. The tradition of its use goes back to when the city’s walls were built in the 12th Century. Up until Marrakech was founded in the 11th century, the plateau was used merely as an uninhabited thoroughfare between different tribe areas, called mar-our-kouch. Local soil, with its high lime content, was used in the construction of Marrakech’s walls, from whence – according to Marrakech legend – the story of Tadelakt began. Its waterproof qualities were used for cisterns and baths. Application techniques were refined to exclusive use in wall and floor decoration. Knowledge of these techniques is maintained through the traditional handcraft of the Malems, Marrakech’s masterly Tadelakt craftsmen.

For our Tadelakt works we use original Tadelakt lime from Marrakech, KREIDEZEIT Tadelakt and our EMBARRO lime-stucco.

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